The experience we have gained due to our age-long avocation with the market of Thessaloniki, led us to the making of a big catalogue of products which we continiously enrich. For your convenience, we have split our catalogue to six main categories:

Fire resistants & insulants
Fiberglass products (braided ropes, knitted ropes, tapes, cloth, sheets), GASKET TOPOG-E, Joint sheet-non Asbestos & gasket, etc.

Steam Supplies
Steam traps, Globe Valves, Cast iron pressure reducing valves, Solenoid valve 2-wayle, Level Gauges, Level controllers and regulators, Safety Relief Valves, Expansion joints, etc.

Pipes & Fitings
Iron galvanize and black, Steel welded, Plastic, Cooper, Pipe insulations, Plastic hoses, etc.

Stainless steel fittings (ΑΙSI 304 - 316) (srewed or welded), Stainless steel ball valves, Stainless steel flanges, Stainless steel pipes, etc.

Hydraulic Supplies
Water meters, Float control (brass), Filters, Pressure-reducing valves, Ball Valves, Swing check - Lift check valves, etc.

Various Supplies
Thermometers, Manometers, Glues, Speys, and other stuff.

For more detailed information you can browse through our categories or you can directly contact us.

P.Gazis - D.Kiratzakos O.E.
Olympiou Diamanti 26 po. Box 54626 Thessaloniki Greece
tel . 2310 521.837 fax. 2310 548.665

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